Who was originally casted as Indiana Jones?

  • Michael Douglas
  • Kevin Costner
  • Tom Selleck correct

    In 2011, footage circled the internet of Tom Selleck auditioning for the iconic role of Indiana Jones. And, he was so gosh darn Selleck-tastic at it that he was offered the role. Unfortunately, Selleck had to turn it down because he had just signed a different contract with Universal Studios- Thomas Magnum in Magnum P.I. Universal didn't like the idea of their mustached macho man rubbing elbows with the likes of other studios like Lucasfilm, so they gave Selleck the "us or them" ultimatum. However, shortly after choosing Hawaiian shirts over leather jackets, the Magnum P.I. writers went on strike for 6 months which would have made it easy for Tom to star as Indy. Talk about a (mustache)hair-raising dilemma! Source: The Daily Mail and Fox News

  • Richard Gere
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