Who is the youngest artist to have won a Grammy for album of the year?

  • Elvis Presley
  • Adele
  • Taylor Swift correct

    Taylor Swift cleans up when it comes to Grammys. In 2009, she won Album of the Year at the age of 20, making her the youngest artist ever to do so. Last year, she was on record to do it again with "1989", which would make her the first woman ever to win twice! Unfortunately, that award went to Beck's album, Morning Phase, which totally makes sense. All of us walk around singing Beck songs after a bad break up... Source: The Grammys

  • Paul McCartney
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    • John Goodman

      66 years old | St. Louis, Missouri
    • Lionel Richie

      69 years old | Tuskegee, Alabama
    • Nicole Kidman

      51 years old | Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Christopher Mintz-Plasse

      29 years old | Los Angeles, California