Who is expected to be first pick in the NFL draft?

  • Jared Goff correct

    This year, the Rams get the first pick in the draft, and five NFL draft specialists came together and gave their predictions to NBC. Four out of five of those mock-drafters have predicted that Jared Goff will be snatched as the Rams' new QB. This Ryan Gosling look-a-like doesn't just have the looks, but the stats to be numero uno as well. At Cal last year, he passed for 4,719 yards with 43 touchdowns and a 64.5 completion percentage. Coupled with 67 yards and six TD passes in Cal's first bowl game since 2011, a win over Air Force, this guy is definitely ready for another ring! Source: NBC News

  • Darron Lee
  • Will Fuller
  • Shaq Lawson
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