Who is #1 this year on Fortune 500's 40 under 40?

  • JB Straubel
  • Ryan Graves
  • Adam Neumann correct

    First of all, business savvy aside, have you seen Adam Neumann's hair? Swoon! But in all honesty, Neumann has built himself a $10 billion company (to go with his $10 billion smile) with WeWorks, a company that sets up startups with places to work when needed- it's like the business version of Uber. The other three names in the answer column all made the 40 under 40 list as well, with JB Straubel of Tesla, Ryan Graves, CEO of Uber and Dhivya Suryadevara, the first woman on the list and VP of General Motors. We would definitely love to be at a cocktail party with these brainiacs- or shoot, why not a "Rockband Marathon"!

  • Dhivya Suryadevara
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