Who invented the Kentucky Derby?

  • Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. correct

    Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. is the grandson of explorer William Clark. He was named after Meriwether Lewis, the other half of Clark's Louisiana Purchase expedition duo. In 1872, Clark traveled to Europe, where he met the end-all-be-alls in horse racing and loved the idea so much that he thought he would bring it home, establishing a jockey club in Louisville, Kentucky to sponsor races and highlight the city’s champion racing stock. He borrowed some land from his uncles, John and Henry Churchill, and built a racetrack. As a thank you, he named the track Churchill Downs and to this day, Churchill Downs is still where the race is held. Source: Encyclopædia Britannica

  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Andrew Carnegie
  • J.P. Morgan
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