Who has had the most wins as head coach in the NFL?

  • Don Shula correct

    ESPN was quoted as once saying "if they ever build a Mount Rushmore for NFL coaches, Don Shula's face will be on it." He was the first coach in history to reach 3 consecutive Super Bowls and to lead a team in a perfect season. He also holds the record for most wins in the history of the NFL- 347! What does one do when they have won that many wins? Apparently, open a steakhouse chain. Source: CBS and ESPN

  • John Madden
  • Paul Brown
  • Jimmy Johnson
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    • Christopher Lee

      London, England
    • Henry Kissinger

      Bavaria, Germany
    • Joseph Fiennes

      48 years old | Salisbury, Wiltshire
    • Lee Meriwether

      83 years old | Los Angeles, California