Which is the only Star Trek character to have appeared in every episode of the original series?

  • Captain Kirk
  • Sulu
  • Spock correct

    Spock is the only character to have appeared in all 80 episodes of the original Star Trek. You can bring that up next month when the new "Star Trek Beyond" movie comes out to sound cool in front of your nerd friends. It is kind of a big deal, especially considering it will be Anton Yelchin's final on-screen performance. He was killed last week in a freak accident when his car rolled down the driveway, accidently left in neutral, and he was pinned behind it. Boldly Go. Again. Source: IMDB

  • Wesley Crusher
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    • George Mallory

      Cheshire, England
    • George Mikan

      Joliet, Illinois
    • Isabella Rosselini

      66 years old | Rome, Italy
    • Paul McCartney

      76 years old | Liverpool, United Kingdom