Which iconic solo artist charted 126 Billboard Top 200 Albums in his career?

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Elvis Presley correct

    Elvis Presley is the undeniable King of Rock and Roll. But he's also considered royalty at Billboard. Presley had 108 "Hot 100" hits over the course of his career. Only two acts have put out more charted hits. However, Presley began his career before Billboard began charting its "Hot 100," releasing more than 30 songs that predated the charting, so it's probably a safe assumption that he actually topped the "official" 108 count of top hits. Presley's last top 20 song was "Way Down," which reached No.18 on the chart after his death Aug. 16, 1977. Source: Billboard.com

  • Prince
  • Michael Jackson
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