Which company first invented the office "coffee break"?

  • Barcolo Manufacturing Company correct

    There isn't much in this world that's better than coffee (except honey, of course). A report done by UCLA in 1961 found that drinking coffee during the work day actually boosts an employee's work performance. It also helps bring employees together and boosts company morale. The idea came to fruition over a century ago with two Buffalo, New York-based companies: The Larkin Company in 1901 and Barcolo Manufacturing Company in 1902. While Larkin did provide free coffee to its employees first, what it did not provide was a little free-time to drink it. Barcolo, though they made their employees buy their own coffee, gave workers fifteen minutes off in the morning and fifteen minutes off in the afternoon to sip on some joe, making them the first coffee break company in the U.S. And that's the mugly truth! Source: Buffalo Spree Magazine and AOL Finance

  • Sears Roebuck
  • John Baer
  • Crane & Co.
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