What was the first registered domain name?

  • att.com
  • microsoft.com
  • symbolics.com correct

    On March 15th, 1985, Symbolics.com became the first ever registered domain name. It was registered by a Massachusetts computer company called Symbolics Inc. It sounds like a big deal now, but back in the 80's, no one really cared. It would still be another two years until apple.com would be registered and another four after that for Microsoft! In 2009, symbolics.com was sold to XF.com Investments, a domain-aggregation company. It now hosts the blog of XF.com founder Aron Meystedt, who says on the site: "For me, personally, I am excited (and honored) to hold the first .com ever registered. Since domain names are my business, I am happy to be the owner of this fantastic piece of Internet history." Ah, the things people will spend money on! Source: The EDN Network and Symbolics.com

  • think.com
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