What song was on the Billboard Chart #1 spot the longest?

  • Hello- Adele
  • One Sweet Day- Mariah Carey and Boys II Men correct

    There has never been a collaboration in history like Boyz II Men (who had already broken the record for longest time on the Billboard Chart 1 spot- twice) and Mariah Carey (the artist with the most number-one hits in Billboard history). The Super Ballad "One Sweet Day" hit the number-one spot in 1995 and didn't leave it for sixteen weeks! It has been over 20 years since that one sweet day and no artist has ever touched that record. Mariah had just lost her friend and collaborator David Cole while Boyz II Men wanted to honor their road manager- both who had passed from AIDS. We're glad to know that they are both smiling down on heaven at this amazing feat. Source: The Billboard Charts

  • Blank Space- Taylor Swift
  • The Macarena -Los Del Rio
  • ON A DAY
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