What scientist accurately predicted how light affected gravity?

  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Albert Einstein correct

    Einstein's General Theory of Relativity clearly states that light is affected by gravity in the same way matter is affected by gravity. Hogwash, right? Since light has no mass it cannot be affected. Which would totally make sense except for those massive imploded stars in the universe we call black holes that suck light. The most basic way we can sum it up is this: If you look at gravity as four dimensional instead of 3, which as humans we all have trouble doing, you will notice that there is a bend in space-time with massive objects in the universe which means that objects moving through space-time follow that curve. Light will move in the same curve because of the gravitational pull of the very large object- a black hole. And since Newton said that light cannot be affected by gravity because it is massless, his theory is actually false. Which also proves that Sir Isaac Newton also isn't exactly an Einstein.

  • Luigi Bianchi
  • James Clerk Maxwell
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