What is the term for tufts of fur that grow inside a cat's ear?

  • Ear fuzz
  • Henry's pocket
  • Fur tree
  • Ear furnishings correct

    Cats are complicated creatures, physically and behaviorally. Their ears add to their complexity with three structural parts making them up: outer, middle, and inner ear. The outer triangular part is the pinna. The middle ear contains the tiny ear bones and the eardrum. The inner ear holds the vestibular system, which gives the cat a sense of spatial orientation and balance. The tufts of fur growing on the inside of the cat's pinnae are "ear furnishing." If you look closely at a cat's ear, you'll notice folds of skin on the outer base of their pinna. These are "cutaneous marginal pouches" or Henry's pocket. Source: PetMD.com

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