What is the only film Paul Newman won a Lead Actor Academy Award for?

  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • Cool Hand Luke
  • The Hustler
  • The Color of Money correct

    In 1961, Paul Newman starred in a film called The Hustler where he played a young pool shark named Fast Eddie. Newman was splendid in the role but it was actually the beginning of a very rare cinematic phenomenon: a sequel that is better than its predecessor. In 1986, Martin Scorsese decided to revive the story, this time with Fast Eddie as a whiskey salesman who has given up the game until he sees a young, arrogant, pool player named Vincent (sound familiar?) in action. The Color of Money was the only film for which Paul Newman ever won an Academy Award. He also took home a Golden Globe and won the National Board of Review award for his role. Way to rack 'em up! Source: Los Angeles Times

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