What is the lifespan of a human tastebud?

  • 6 days
  • 10 days correct

    Taste buds go through a life cycle where they grow from basal cells into taste cells and then die and are sloughed away. Taste buds are located in papillae in the tongue (but not in center). Each taste bud contains about 50 taste receptor cells. Taste buds are also located in the roof of the mouth, inside cheeks, and in the throat. (some insects have taste buds on feet). Humans possess on average 6000 taste buds. These are constantly degenerating and being replaced. Life expectancy is about 10 days. Not true neurons (unlike olfactory receptor cells). Different regions of tongue are most sensitive to different primary tastes. The center of the tongue has no taste buds and is thus “blind” to taste. Our perception is that taste sensations originate from entire mouth, not just the tongue.

  • 14 days
  • 23 days
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