What is "spaghettification"?

  • The original process of making spaghetti
  • Being stretched out by a black hole correct

    Black holes are cool. They can create alternative universes, they spit out all the material they suck in, and they slow down time. But they can also turn you into spaghetti. Let's say you decided to hang out around a Black Hole: if you press your feet towards it, they will get pulled towards the hole faster than your head would and the closer your feet get, the stronger the pull and your body will turn into a nice lean strand of spaghetti. Just don't tell the supermodels.

  • A torture tactic used in Ancient Rome
  • A beauty regime of early Asian women
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    You are not the same person you were 7 years ago, literally.You replace every particle in your body every seven years.
  • This day in 1977

    The original Star Wars movie directed by George Lucas is released

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