What is Bono's real name?

  • Richard McHaven
  • Benjamin Bonlevi
  • John Grover
  • Paul Hewson correct

    Prince's first name was Prince but Bono's real name is not Bono. In the 1960's, along with a group of teens, including singer Gavin Friday, Bono formed a fantasy world called Lypton Village. The teens nicknamed him Bono Vox which is Latin for "Good Voice". Get it now? Bono kept the name because Lypton Village was so deeply rooted in him and in U2. Many of their early songs were inspired by Lypton Village's social, spiritual, and political beliefs. Bono has gone by a few other aliases, as well, but most of them just didn't Fly. *wink* Oh, you'll get that one, eventually. Source: Rolling Stone

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