What did Back to the Future II accurately predict would be around today?

  • Drones correct

    Well today is the day that we all hop on our hover boards and zoom on down to Hill Valley to meet Marty McFly in our self-drying jackets. Of course, we must all take into account that Doc Brown did not have a crystal ball and that the movie was supposed to be fun and not really a scientifically accurate prediction of the future however, one thing it did get right was that we would be using drones to take photos and film. In one scene in front of the Hill Valley courthouse, a USA Today drone flies down to take photos, many companies are using the drone technology in substitution of paparazzi for their photo work. And as far as The Cubs winning the World Series well, we haven't had it yet but it just may happen...

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    The right hand is mentioned 100x in the Bible positively while the left hand is only mentioned 25 times- all negatively
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    The original Star Wars movie directed by George Lucas is released

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