What country has the largest gold reserve in the world?

  • Spain
  • United States correct

    The truth is that as far as we are told, the U.S. owns the majority of the world's gold. Made before WWII, the U.S. Gold Vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York houses over 6,000 tons of gold. The vaults of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are the size of those at Fort Knox and is located way below the grounds of Manhattan. It holds 22% of the world's official gold reserves. However, there are many conspiracy theorists (and a couple politicians) who believe this is actually a myth and that no one has actually taken the time to audit this gold and find out if it still even exists and, if it does, if Elvis and Tupac are in the vault with the gold and understand the ending of LOST. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Germany
  • Russia
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