On what planet does summer last 42 years?

  • Uranus correct

    Uranus is one of the strangest planets in the Solar System. While the other planets look like spinning tops as they make their journey around the Sun, Uranus is flipped on its side, and appears to be rolling around the Sun. This has a dramatic effect on the seasons on Uranus. The Earth’s tilt gives us our seasons. When the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun, that’s summer. And when it’s tilted away from the Sun, that’s winter for the northern hemisphere. On Uranus, one hemisphere is pointed towards the Sun, and the other is pointed away. The position of the poles slowly reverse until, half a Uranian year later, it’s the opposite situation. In other words, summer for the northern hemisphere lasts 42 years long, followed by 42 years of winter.

  • Pluto
  • Mercury
  • Saturn
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