In which country are "Democracy Sausages" sold at polls on election day?

  • Argentina
  • Italy
  • Australia correct

    After World War I, Australia introduced a policy in 1924 that installed compulsory voting. Australians over the age of 18 must vote or face a fine or possible court action. Polling booths thus attract a lot of people, enough that communities were inspired to set up fundraising booths to raise money for local schools or make repairs to public lands. There are pictures showing cake booths set up at polling places in the 1930s. Sausages began appearing in the 1980s when portable barbecues became available. The sausage is placed on a piece of bread with a squirt of ketchup and optional mustard and onion. The "Democracy Sausage" is now a beloved culinary local icon. Source:

  • Ukraine
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