After which famous person was the article "Why I Hate My Uncle" written?

  • Mel Gibson
  • Adolf Hitler correct

    You might think your uncle is bad because he makes weird fart jokes and comments about your little sister that are borderline inappropriate but it could be worse. You could be William Patrick Stuart-Houston. His uncle was Hitler. In fact, little Willy was born with his uncle's famous last name but changed it when he moved to the U.S. for obvious reasons. On July 4,1939, for America's birthday present, Stuart-Houston published an article in Look magazine titled, "Why I Hate My Uncle". As you can imagine, Uncle Adolf handled it well. Source: Google News

  • Richard Nixon
  • Michael Jackson
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    • George Mallory

      Cheshire, England
    • George Mikan

      Joliet, Illinois
    • Isabella Rosselini

      66 years old | Rome, Italy
    • Paul McCartney

      76 years old | Liverpool, United Kingdom