Why is the shamrock associated with St. Patrick's Day?

  • It is the symbol for Ireland
  • They were used in protest for free speech
  • It is the symbol of St. Erin Go Bragh
  • St. Patrick used it to explain The Trinity correct

    When you think of Ireland, you may think shamrocks but, in fact, the symbol for Ireland is a harp. As legend has it, St. Patrick went to Connaught to meet two of King Laoghaire’s daughters, Ethne and Fedelm. He was unable to persuade the king to convert to Catholicism so he thought he would have better luck with them. St. Patrick used a shamrock to show how a single plant with three leaves is likened to the one Triune God with three separate and distinct Persons and- bam!- the shamrock symbol was born. Unfortunately, as much as we like the idea of a St. Erin, Erin Go Bragh is actually not a person but a saying meaning "Ireland forever". Source: ABC News

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