Which is the most used and popular firearm in the world?

  • AK-47 correct

    There are over 8 million plus AR15s in the world; 10 million UZis; and there has been over 5 million glocks produced. But the most used and popular firearm in the world is the Russian AK-47, Avtomat (Automatic) Kalashnikova model of 1947, with 100 million plus made. That is one for every 60 people on earth. Created by Mikhail Kalashnikov, it is the the most reliable gun ever made. But the reliability comes at the expense of accuracy. In some parts of the world, an AK-47 can be purchased for as little as $10. In most places, one can be bought for $100 – $300, depending upon the level of hostilities in the area. Generally, the more conflict, the higher the price.

  • UZI
  • AR15
  • Glock
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