Where were the 2002 Winter Olympics held?

  • Salt Lake City, United States correct

    The 2002 Winter Olympics were an occasion that went down in history. Salt Lake City had been trying for-ev-er to get into the Olympic hosting game. They lost the bid in '98 to Nagano but then won by a landslide in 2002. Things were looking up until Salt Lake City television station KTVX reported that the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee (SLOC) had been paying for Sonia Essomba, daughter of an IOC Member, to attend American University in Washington. Oops. Couple that with a terrorist attack on American soil, and you're looking at a slope slipperier than a downhill super-G. Luckily, good ol' Mitt Romney was there to save the games and the 2002 Winter Olympics went off (aside from your typical ice skater controversy) wthout a hitch. Source: Utah's official website

  • Sochi, Russia
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Lillehammer, Norway
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