What was the staple Viking meal?

  • Mutton over hot coals
  • Wild Turkey
  • Meat and Vegetable Stew correct

    When we think Vikings, we mostly think of massive turkey legs and giant pints of beer, right? Well, actually Vikings were a bit more paleo than that. They dabbled with lots of different meats but they also had a hearty love for vegetables and fruits, as well. The main meal of the Viking culture was actually a stew called "skause". Skause was made over a flame with lots of meats and vegetables boiled in a pot. As the meats were used, other items were added to enhance the flavor of the broth which would be left cooking for days at a time. Kind of changes the image now that you see massive Vikings huddled around a fire in your head sipping soup.

  • Spiced Rice and Reindeer
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