What was the name of the girl band Beyonce was once in?

  • Wild Orchid
  • Destiny's Child correct

    We know that Beyonce is paying her bills but whatever happened to the other two? Did they end up with scrubs? Are they survivors? Yeah, they're doing okay. Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child version of a middle child) is set to play in Aida on Broadway and Kelly Rowland (the one you kind of remember from that one time she judged on X-Factor) is starting her own girl group Simon Cowell-style. Her reality show "Changing Destiny" will premiere on April 5th on BET in which she hand selects the next group of Bootylicious Independent Women. Source: Broadway World

  • TLC
  • Sugar & Spice
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    Despite her accent, Miss Cleo was actually born in Los Angeles, California