What percentage of Internet users are actually robots?

  • 48.5% correct

    Here's a great one for our tech junkies out there! Imperva Incapsula’s annual Bot Traffic Report for 2015 revealed that nearly half of the traffic on the internet is made up of bots which is why you have to jump through all those hoops on a web page to make sure you aren't one! There are good bots and bad bots and, unfortunately, the bad ones make up 29% of that 48.5% which means that they are used to create criminal activity and wreaking havoc online.The good news is that this trend is actually DOWN from previous reports. In 2013, humans made up only 38% of online traffic. Woohoo! Source: Imperva Incapsula

  • 23.2%
  • 78.9%
  • 11.5%
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