What is the worst topic to bring up at a Thanksgiving table?

  • Politics correct

    According to several sources who have studied the topic such as CNN and Forbes Magazine the biggest 'don't' at the Thanksgiving dinner table is politics. With the 2016 elections around the corner, it may be something you are itching to talk about but your son doesn't care why you will or won't vote for Trump and your mom doesn't care what your stance is on having a female president. Be nice to that crazy aunt who votes for a president based on what tie he is wearing, your uncle who thinks the voting age should be raised and smile politely at your weird cousin who thinks that the government is a super mastermind controlled by aliens living underground. There are millions of voters in the U.S. and ruining a holiday isn't worth gaining someone over to your side. And remember, most importantly, a president you are stuck with for 4-8 years, these people are yours for the rest of your life!

  • Religion
  • Education
  • Conspiracy Theories
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    One of the first major outbreaks of St. John's Dance erupts​ Aachen, Germany.

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