What country has the highest cost of gas per gallon?

  • Arimea, Eritrea
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Oslo, Norway correct

    Coming in at $10.12 a gallon, Norway retains the title for world’s most expensive gas. The Scandinavian country doesn’t subsidize fuel at the pump, using its oil profits instead for national services, such as free college, education and savings for infrastructure improvements. Norway’s high gasoline prices are an electric carmaker’s dream. The country has the biggest share of electric vehicles in the world, making up almost 15 percent of new cars sold this year. With the world’s second-highest incomes, Norwegians absorb the high price of gas, or an electric-car alternative, with relative ease. The average daily income is $272. It takes 3.4 percent of a day’s wages to buy a gallon of gas.

  • Athens, Greece
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