What are your chances of being born on a Leap Day?

  • 1 in 958
  • 1 in 1,461 correct

    Happy Bachelor Day! (And we're not saying that because we are really excited to see who Ben kicks off tonight). In old Irish tradition, women get to propose to men once every four years and today is that day! So gentlemen, if your girlfriend is down on her knee, it isn't because she dropped her earring. Remember, Leap Day is your one free day (literally, most employers and prisons do not factor it into your salary or time behind bars) of the year and it doesn't happen often so make it count, folks! Source: Irish Central

  • 1 in 2,473
  • 1 in 5,802
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    The month of January came from the Roman god Janus who's two heads were said to both reflect on the past year and look a head at the new one.