Other than the 12 Days of Christmas, what other song features a "Calling Bird" in it?

  • Rockin’ Robin by Bobby Day
  • Blackbird by the Beatles correct

    You probably looked at this list for a while and thought to yourself, "hmmm? none of these titles say 'calling bird' in it!" Well, you probably had to realize that even though it's Christmas we weren't going to just give you the answer! The term "calling bird" is actually an American term for a word that got a little lost in translation. In old English, the bird was actually called a "colly bird" which is a blackbird. So the song here which features a Blackbird in it is, clearly, Blackbird. See? We did give you a free answer!

  • When Doves Cry by Prince
  • Fly like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band
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