If you add together all the money in a game of Monopoly, how much would you have?

  • $10,087
  • $15,531
  • $20,580 correct

    Do not pass go. Last year, Monopoly turned 80 and Hasbro announced that it would throw a real estate tycoon into the presidential race as part of its 80-year-celebration marketing strategy. The toy company would film how the tycoon takes over- county by county- until he becomes the number one contender for the Republican nomination. Okay, Hasbro hasn't come out and announced that they're backing The Donald but it would have been a much better marketing ploy than what it did announce this week- Monopoly the Musical. We're pretty sure Idina Menzel couldn't even save that if you paid her all the money in the game- which surprisingly would only be $20,580 ! Source: ABC News

  • $35,231
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