How old was Mozart when he died?

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    Don't let the gray hair fool you, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was just shy of his 36th birthday when he passed away. By the age of 5, Mozart was not just already a composer but he was also performing for European royalty. In his lifetime, he composed over 600 pieces. If you think that this sort of child-stardom gained Mozart a life of luxury, then you would be wrong. Like most of the E! True Hollywood Stories we've seen, Mozart actually became impoverished towards the end of his life, even borrowing money in order to pay his rent. It wasn't until the year of his life that he even began to settle those debts. He spent his last two months bedridden with his wife and younger sister by his side. In an actual article that was written in regards to Mozart's funeral, it said he was buried in a "common grave" meaning a grave for the "common folk". Can you believe it? World famous composers, they're just like us!

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