How much money was spent on the most expensive show horse ever sold?

  • $10 million
  • $30 million
  • $70 million correct

    Fusaichi Pegasus was only a year old when he was purchased for an impressive price of $4 million. His name is a mix of his first owner's name, Fusao, the Japanese word "ichi" which means "one" and the ultimate flying horse, the Pegasus. With such an impressive title, it's no wonder that he flew through the finish line of the Kentucky Derby three years later with a time of 2:01.12 for the quarter mile. That same year, he was sold to an Irish breeder for close to $70 million which is the most anyone has ever paid for a horse in history. He also has a statue of himself made of gold in Japan and housed in a glass cage which is kind of sad considering even the Statue of Liberty was only made of bronze...

  • $100 million
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