How fast does Earth spin?

  • 2 mph
  • 50 mph
  • 1,000 mph correct

    Airplanes generally fly around at a speed of 500 miles per hour. The Earth's speed is double that, spinning at around 1,000 miles per hour! The reason you can't feel Earth move is the same reason that when you are in the air on a flight, you can't feel the plane moving. It is only during take off and landing that you can sense the movement. Well, if the world were suddenly going to slow down and then speed up, you would feel that, too. Also, doesn't that bring up another question? If the world spins, can't an airplane that flies half the speed that the earth is spinning get to its destination in half the time? Great question! But, no. Airplanes still move in Earth's atmosphere which means it moves with Earth. But if we ever figure out how to luxury travel above our atmosphere, we may save ourselves a bunch of time heading to Cabo! Source:

  • 15,000 mph
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