Happy 2016! How many bubbles are in a bottle of champagne?

  • 2,000
  • 5,000,000
  • 95,000,000 correct

    Whether you are sabering your champagne Napoleon-style, popping the cork in the air or properly opening it by rotating the bottle and holding the cork with a towel (not as flashy but it will save you champagne and probably your hand), a glass of bubbly is the perfect way to ring in the New Year and it has been used throughout history as a symbol of new birth. If you want to tell if your champagne is good quality, check the bubbles, the quicker and longer they rise, the higher the quality. Also, it is only champagne if it is from Champagne, France, otherwise you are drinking sparkling wine. Cheers to a happy (and healthy) 2016!

  • 200,000,000
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