Can you name all four presidents represented on Mount Rushmore?

  • Washington, Roosevelt, Jefferson, Lincoln correct

    Before chipping in the rockstars of U.S. presidents, Mount Rushmore was originally called the Six Grandfathers by the Lakota Sioux, that was until a New York lawyer came a long named Charles Rushmore. Rushmore saw a chance to make some dough and also give a bold nod to America. The Six Grandfathers were carved up and given a facelift, well four face-lifts and now we have a historical monument in the middle of South Dakota. Smart move, Rushmore, smart move.

  • Washington, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Madison
  • Lincoln, Washington, Adams, Jackson
  • Lincoln, Washington, Jackson, Grant
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      Monroe Hall, Virginia
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      Zwittau, Austria-Hungary
    • Harper Lee

      Monroeville, Alabama
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      43 years old | Madrid, Spain